Well-Planned Move Beginnings

Well-Planned Move began as a dream of creating products that would ultimately help home buyers and sellers as they prepared to move. At the time, I was beginning to stage homes and knew I would be working with realtors. The thing I realized was that realtors had all the information about helping someone buy or sell a home, but didn’t have much in the way of helping people with the moving process. It was this gap that I thought I could fill with moving labels and a planner to offer realtors, home buyers, and home sellers that I created Well-Planned Move.

As I thought about this idea, I started doing research on label systems to organize packing boxes, but didn’t find anything in the way of a complete system. I found color-coded stickers with and without room names, but the questions I kept asking myself was how do I know which room coordinates with which color-coded label and how do I know the importance or priority of boxes.

Previously, having worked for several organizations in their marketing departments, I learned and developed my skill in graphic design so I began playing with design options. It took me several revisions, but I came up with a label system that I felt was adequate for organizing boxes from beginning to end called Well-Planned Move: Moving Labels.


Well-Planned Move to Organize and Make You Laugh


During the time I developed the color-coded label system, I had to come up with a brand name that would best identify my products with the type of service my products would be able to provide. I tried several names, but the one that stuck was Well-Planned Move. It was the best way to communicate that using a label system was a good for planning a smooth move. And as time went on, I ended up developing a moving planner that further helped people with planning their move.

Since then, I’ve developed another product called Humorous Moving Labels, which is intentional in making people laugh while packing and moving. Moving can be stressful, chaotic and emotional, but when you add some moving-related humor to the mix, it makes the experience a little bit easier and a whole lot of fun.

Thus far, I’ve enjoyed developing products and being the creator. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I think eventually I will be introducing more products in the near future. I’m just grateful for those who have purchased my products and put them to good use. It’s a good sign when people buy your product and have made a successful and smooth move.

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