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Color Coded Moving Label Kit

Color Coded Moving Labels - STANDARD KIT | 600 Labels | 4" x 1" Labels

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For a simple and organized move, the STANDARD Moving Label Kit is perfect for packing, labeling, and moving boxes for a less stressful move.

Designed to help you organize and prioritize boxes, the kit comes with color coded Room Box Labels, Alert Labels, and Room Signs for up to 4 bedrooms + Office + 2 Blanks. 

Room Box Labels can be placed on the top left corner of the front side of boxes, and can be added around boxes, if needed. The Alert Labels can be added under the Room Box Labels to call attention to boxes that need special care and immediate use. 

These colorful labels make them easily seen from a distance and may be color matched with coordinating Room Signs.

So no more boxes with black marker writing all over it and looking the same. Your boxes will stand out with colorful labels and make it easy to find what you are looking for and to move more efficiently.


ORGANIZE - Categorize and manage boxes based on room location and level of priority before, during, and after the move.

SPECIAL HANDLING - Draw attention to the boxes that need special care and handling with Alert Labels, such as Fragile, This Side Up, Heavy, Do Not Stack, and Hazardous.

PRIORITIZE BOXES - Use the Open First and Important & Special Items labels to identify boxes that need opening immediately upon moving in and those that need to be kept safe or handled carefully during the move.

COORDINATE BOXES WITH ROOM SIGNS - Make it easier for boxes to be delivered to the right locations by taping Room Signs around the new home and matching with the Room Box Labels.

EXTRA LABELS - Have additional room or need more labels for a room? Use the two (2) blank labels and room sign sets for additional needs.

STRESS LESS - Relax knowing that the label kit is your organizational tool and plan to get your boxes moved into your home more easily.


10 - Entryway
10 - Hallway
20 - Living Room
40 - Kitchen
20 - Dining Room
20 - Office
40 - Bedroom #1
20 - Bedroom #2
20 - Bedroom #3
20 - Bedroom #4
20 - Bathroom #1
10 - Bathroom #2
10 - Bathroom #2
20 - Laundry Room
20 - Garage
40 - Storage
20 - Blank #1
20 - Blank #2

40 - Open First
40 - Fragile
40 - Heavy
40 - This Side Up
40 - Do Not Stack
20 - Hazardous


Overall Sheet Size: 8.5" x 11"
Label Size: 4” x 1”


PERMANENT moving sticker labels. Not recommended for wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, furniture or any other item that can be harmed.

TIP: If you use stretch film around furniture or other items, you may place the label on the film.

*Permanent sticker labels were chosen for this product to ensure labels properly stick to boxes and do not fall off during transit or due to heat or humidity.