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Making moving fun! Add Humorous Moving Labels to boxes to get you and your movers laughing out loud, because humor is the most fun.

Humorous Moving Labels - Make Moving Fun!

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Let’s face it. Moving can be an ordeal, but there is one way to make fun! Simply add Humorous Moving Labels to boxes to get you and your movers laughing out loud. There are 60 moving-related jokes, puns, and sayings to bring you a smile and laughter all while packing and moving.

Even better, turn it into a game of seek and find and award a prize to the first person to find a pre-selected label on moving day. Just choose a label ahead of time and let everyone who is helping you move know which label to look for. Then whoever finds the label in the midst of all your boxes wins. You can also consider giving away a fun prize to the winner.

Suggested prizes:
Gift Card
Something from your junk drawer
Free meal at your place
Whatever you can dream up!

Example Jokes: 
“Never moving again!”
“Stuff I never unpacked from the last move”
“Quick… Lose this box when he’s not looking!”
"I'll probably have to make new friends after this."

Label Sheets: 8.5" x 11"
Label Size: 4” x 3.33”

*PERMANENT moving sticker labels. Not recommended for wood, glass, ceramic, plastic or furniture. 

TIP: If you use stretch film around furniture or other items, you may place the label on the film. Therefore, you help identify the location of the item, but do not harm item. 

*Permanent sticker labels were chosen for this product to ensure labels properly stick to boxes and do not fall off during transit or due to heat or humidity.