Well-Planned Move: Moving Planner & Checklist

Who says planning a move is tough? Not you! You are a Master Mover. Not because you have moved several times in your life, but because you love a good challenge and possess a handy dandy moving planner and checklist. That’s right. You get all the clever moving tips, weekly to do lists, budget sheets, inventory reports, address notifications, and much more from the Well-Planned Move: Moving Planner to keep on top of things so moving can be easy as pie.

The Well-Planned Move: Moving Planner is your comprehensive moving planner and checklist chock full of great information and tips on moving and forms for tracking expenses, getting quotes for moving companies, truck rentals, storage units, and portable storage containers, and updating your address with people and organizations with which you associate.

With the 6-week timeline, you know just what to accomplish each week to keep you ahead of the game. And you appreciate moving and packing tips that you would never have thought about had you not had a planner. Let’s not forget to mention the forms for hiring professionals such as cleaning and repair experts are super helpful for preparing your old or new home for the transition.

Let’s just say it. Rocking the moving process is now a new qualification to add to your resume, because by all means, it shows that you excel in organization and pay attention to the details.

Make your next move remarkable. Get the Well-Planned Move: Moving Planner today!


6-Week Moving Timeline: Keep on track each week with the moving checklist. You will find many important tasks to accomplish each week and even after the move. If you have less than 6 weeks to move, no sweat! Just start at 6 weeks do what is necessary to get on you track.

Budget & Expense Forms: Create a budget plan to know how much financial resources you need available for the move; then keep a record of expenses.

Moving & Storage Rental Quote Forms: Use the helpful tips and guided forms to write down services and pricing information for moving companies, truck rentals, storage units and portable containers.

Organize, Sell & Discard Tips: Learn how to get started with organizing the packing process and what options are available for discarding items you no longer need or want. 

Packing Tips: Get clever solutions to help you pack your items.  

Tools & Supplies List: Prepare for your move with a list of tools and supplies for packing, loading and unloading.

Important Documents List: Set aside important and personal documents to keep with you during the move. Pack them separately so they are accessible during and after the move.

Open First List: Prepare for your first day in your new home by placing all essential items in boxes labeled “Open First.” Load them last so they are the first to be unloaded and can be found quickly.

Box Inventory Record: Keep a record of the items you pack away in boxes and provide a box number for each box. Use this list later to help you locate items packed away.

To Do List: Old Home: Keep a list of things you need to accomplish around the current home before you move out.

To Do List: New Home: Keep a list of things you need to accomplish before and after you move into your new home.

Things to Buy, Sell, Donate, & Return Forms: Make a list of things you need to buy or discard by selling, donating or returning them to their original owner. Also, write down the value of your donations and keep for tax purposes.

Cleaning List: Prepare your home for the next occupant with a thorough cleaning checklist.

Space Planning: Draw the main spaces of your next home to help determine how you will arrange the new space and determine if you need any additional furniture.

Address Updates: Use the list provided as a reference for the organizations you may need to notify of your new address. Also, use the Address Update record sheet to list the organizations and services that you notified and if you have canceled, transferred or added a new service.

Professional Services Forms: Use these forms to contact professionals and write down information regarding home improvement, repair and general services needed for your current or future home.

Notes: Write down any information that you want to later reference.

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