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About Us

Well Planned Move Labels - Placing Label on File Box

The Well-Planned Move product line started as a unique project when entrepreneur, Sherree Murray, began her organizing and design business, Remarkable Spaces, in 2015. As a creative organizer and designer and with 15+ years of experience in marketing, she brought together her expertise and understanding of organization and design to make moving as simple as possible and to minimize the stress and hassle of moving. 

After a year of research, interviews and designing, Sherree successfully created Color-Coded Moving Labels, Humorous Moving Labels, and a Moving Planner that are changing the way people manage and enjoy their moves.

"No matter if you are moving across town or across country, moving is a disruptive endeavor that comes with many tasks and pressures. From packing and unpacking to handling of all the pressing details, good organization and knowledge of the process are the keys to greater success with moving," says Sherree Murray, Creative Organizer and Designer. "Having clever tips, resourceful information, and an organizational system in place gives people better control over their move and saves them time so they can focus on what really matters." 


To create remarkable moving solutions that successfully move people places.


Sherree Murray
President, Creative Organizer and Designer

Sherree Murray, Creative Organizer and Designer








The Well-Planned Move product line is an extension of our parent company, Remarkable Spaces, LLC. As a company dedicated to providing organizing services, we are helping people and companies be more productive and live well.