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Humorous Moving Labels - The Fun Side of Moving

Well-Planned Move: Humorous Moving Labels - Have fun with moving-related funny puns and sayings on box labels for your next big move.

If you have ever moved, you know that packing and unpacking can be a chore, but there is one way to make it more fun. Add Humorous Moving Labels to boxes to help relieve the stress of moving and have a good laugh.

The Well-Planned Move: Humorous Moving Labels is a set of 60 labels with cheerful and funny moving-related jokes and sayings that make moving less serious and boring.

Examples are:
“Never Moving Again”
“Dumb Stuff”
“Quick… Lose this box when he’s not looking!”
"I'll probably have to make new friends after this."

Just slap a humorous moving label on a box and have a good chuckle. You might even surprise friends or the moving guy with a series of hilarious moving labels on your boxes. 

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