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Well-Planned Move: Moving Labels

The Well-Planned Move: Moving Labels, a uniquely designed color coordinating moving label system. It is a set of 360 color-coded stickers that help organize and prioritize boxes.

From the living room to bedrooms to storage, 16 rooms in the home is designated a color and assigned a matching room sign, which can be taped to a coordinating room’s wall. Each room label offers a place to write 1.) the contents contained in each box, 2.) the floor level the room is located, 3.) notes such as item placement, and 3.) a box number.



The Well-Planned Move: Moving Labels also includes one Color-Coded Room Chart for referencing and writing the final box count for each designated room. Plus, there are 78 additional important labels to call attention to boxes that contain essential items needed on your first day, breakables, heavy items, liquids, items that may melt, important documents and hazardous items.  

Each label can easily be applied to moving boxes while packing and used to help quickly identify boxes and contents upon unloading. Your movers and helpers will also know how to carefully handle each box and where to deliver them in your home, freeing you up to do manage other important aspects of your move.

360 color-coded labels
1 Color-Coded Room Chart
15 Color-Coded Room Label Sets
18 Blank Labels
30 Attention Labels
6 Hazardous Labels
30 Open First Labels
12 Important Labels

18 Living Room; 36 Kitchen: 18 Dining Room; 12 Hall Closet 1; 6 Hall Closet 2; 18 Office; 12 Master Bathroom; 12 Bathroom 2; 6 Bathroom 3; 36 Master Bedroom; 18 Bedroom 2; 18 Bedroom 3; 18 Bedroom 4; 6 Laundry Room; 30 Storage; and 18 Blank.

4” x 3.33”

*PERMANENT moving sticker labels. Not recommended for wood, glass, ceramic, plastic or furniture.

TIP: If you use stretch film around furniture or other items, you may place the label on the film. Therefore, you help identify the location of the item, but do not harm item.

*Permanent sticker labels were chosen for this product to ensure labels properly stick to boxes and do not fall off during transit or due to heat or humidity.